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  1. Call it "BIM Leaves the Building and Hits the Road," which is highlighted in this Autodesk video about Mortenson Construction and the advantages of BIM for road construction and other infrastructure projects. Read today's post about BIM and infrastructure. Continue Reading
  2. Last year around this time, I blogged about a new report indicating that half of the construction industry was using building information modeling (BIM) on their projects.  Last week, the BIM community lit up in response to an article by Nadine Post, which was featured in both Engineering News-Record and Architectural Record. A representative of... Continue Reading
  3. Since I only had a few minutes to review my RSS feed this morning, I skipped over hundreds of headlines.  But the following words caught my attention: "New federal program helps defray cost of adopting Building Information Modeling."  I thought someone finally got it right in our Congress!  But, alas, when I clicked through the... Continue Reading
  4. Just a few days ago I wrote about how, like the World Cup soccer games, BIM presented a lot of excitement for many proponents. Turning to another competitive analogy, there continues to be many in the construction industry who simply refuse to go "all-in" with their poker chips.  According to a recent McGraw-Hill Construction report,... Continue Reading
  5. I grew up with a soccer ball at my feet. So it was no surprise to see me relaxing in front of the big screen this weekend, son by my side, to watch United States and England play in the opening round of the FIFA World Cup tourney.  And the game was a lot like... Continue Reading

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