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  1. This weekend was all about The Rise of Gru.  I love Gru so much that when my children ask for money, my best Gru-like voice belts back: “Now, I know there have been some rumors going around that the bank is no longer funding us….In terms of money, we have no money.”  And that’s precisely... Continue Reading

  2. Excuse the eye patch, as I just had retina surgery yesterday.  I am surprised at how different the world looks with only one eye to focus—from the depth of the stairway, to the water flowing from the sink, to the words flying out from the computer screen.  In other words, there is more than meets... Continue Reading

  3. Sometimes you “do” bad things.  Sometimes you “look like” you do bad things.  Just look at the difference between Bad-boy Jack and my youngest daughter, who just “looks like” she’s up to no good.  In the world of construction contracting, both can get in you in trouble, including a termination for default of performance. Appeals... Continue Reading

  4. In life, rejection is often hard to swallow.  In construction, that rejection can sometimes amount to millions of dollars.  A Massachusetts court recently held that an owner’s rejection of the contractor’s payment applications was not properly certified and, thus, violated the state’s Prompt  Pay Act. In Tocci Building Corp. v. IRIV Partners, LLC, (App. Ct.... Continue Reading

  5. My commute home last night took longer than usual. It was not excessive traffic, an accident, or a stalled car.  Rather, the cause of my delayed commute was a turtle: one single turtle crossing the road, holding up about 30 cars for what seemed like an eternity. (Never mind the fact that no one got... Continue Reading

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InfraMOD è una società di ingegneria italiana con sede a Roma. Nasce dalla collaborazione di un team di tecnici specializzati nelle diverse discipline con comprovata esperienza nella progettazione e gestione di progetti complessi.


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